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Kemi became a Rites initiate when Canadians had to travel to the US to do so. Through Yensomu, she continues her work of strengthening the African family.–by birth and chosen–greatly. Of utmost importance to her are self actualization, honouring the Afrikan and a singing soul.

In 1998, sipho was initiated as a Rite of Passage Process Practitioner, from the National Rites of Passage Institute. In 2007 sipho, introduced Rights of Passage to a local Community Organization here in Toronto, a coming of age process which assist young people of Afrikan descent, with their journey to responsible adulthood. 

sipho has a passion for community building, Race and Equity issues, and volunteers with a number of local community based organizations. sipho is a current volunteer member of Yensomu, a local non-profit organization here in Toronto, dedicated to supporting members of the Afrikan community through the Rites of Passage process.

sipho was born in Trinidad W.I. and was educated and trained in the United States and Canada.  sipho holds a Master Degree in Community Economic Development, and a B.Sc. in Science.

Chris Leonard is a trainer, process facilitator and village caretaker, committed to supporting  transformative change and building capacity in areas of Grief, Vicarious Trauma, Transformative Practices, Mindfulness and Self-Care. Over the past 30 years, she has held space for individuals, workers and communities impacted by loss related to community violence, the overdose epidemic, HIV/AIDS, sexual violence, and other traumatic loss events. Chris is a Rites of Passage elder who initiated in with her Duo Kro Family, Yensomu’s first Rites cohort, that initiated in 2006. She brings mindful awareness, from her Buddhist teachings and training as a Zen shiatsu therapist, to her work that supports individual and collective healing and transformative change through breaking the silence of the things that cause us distress.

Lindis is a Yensomu Rites Initiate, Mrammuo 2009, and the Youth Facilitator of the African Canadian Heritage Association, where the Rites of Passage approach is utilized. Lindis is a registered physiotherapist working in private practice with neurologically impaired clients in the community.

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