Greater Toronto Area Rites of passage initiative
A collaborative effort spearheaded by Wood Green Community Services, Rites of passage to spread the Rites program throughout the Greater Toronto area,. Yensomu will provide consultative and support services to the Staff and partners from 2014 – the end of the program in 2018.
Taste of Rites training to Peel CAS Ujima program staff December 2015

Taste of Rites – planning underway for Spring 2016
•To begin to provide participants with an experience of the Rites journey- what is it and how is it anchored in community
•To begin to explore Africentric thinking
•To familiarize participants with key Afrikan rituals/traditions (including libations, spirituality, Eldership) and how they are used to anchor culture
•To provide a concise overview of the Rites process and explore relevance for Afrikan peoples
•Acknowledge participant’s current work and begin to explore the connections in their daily lives and in community building

Full Rites training to resume in October 2016